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Training for any person providing assistance in a logistical capacity in a children’s ministry program (Helper or other assistant) or who have an arms-length financial management role (e.g. committee of management members). This involvement may be regular, irregular or once off. This Basics Training also acts as annual ‘refresher’ training in the three year cycle of Leader and Coordinator Training.

Training for elders and Outreach & Nurture Committee members who have the responsibility for the risk management of a children’s ministry program, but have delegated their authority to a Ministry Coordinator and do not have direct involvement in the children’s ministry program.

Training for any person providing teaching content or directing activities in a children’s ministry program. Your involvement in a children’s ministry program can be regular (e.g. once a week) or perhaps for a specific holiday or one-off ministry where you teach or run activities.

PCQ PresSafe Coordinator training course from 2023 onwards.

This course includes all the content from the PresSafe Leader Course plus the additional training content for those Coordinating Ministry to Children and Young People.

This training is for anyone who coordinates a ministry program to anyone under 18 years of age (e.g., Ministry Coordinator such as Sunday School Superintendent, Youth Pastor, Kid’s Club Team Leader, Minister, Camp Director, etc.)

This course covers the reasons why good governance is vital to the proper functioning of our Church committees and provides a simple framework to begin exploring how to practice good governance.